A united voice of local elected officials has been launched in the State Capitol: The Missouri Local Leaders Partnership comprised of the Missouri Municipal League, the Missouri Association of Counties and the Missouri School Boards’ Association. The three statewide organizations have combined memberships of nearly 9,000 local elected officials.

Together, the Missouri Local Leaders Partnership (MoLLP) is a powerful united voice of elected local leaders closest to the communities where Missourians live, work, raise families and contribute to our state’s progress and quality of life. MoLLP is built on support of common priorities and principles that together provide a constructive vision for the communities served by our thousands of elected members statewide. These principles include:

–Supporting strong local decision-making authority and accountability.
–Promoting sound economic policies at all levels of Missouri government. 
–Preserving and building the quality of life in our communities.
–Protecting the safety of our neighbors and all Missourians.

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