Google Introduces Project Sunroof


The data explorer tool helps communities, cities and municipalities easily visualize how many rooftops are suitable to install solar, how much power they could collectively generate, and how much carbon could be displaced by deploying rooftop solar at scale.

google photo 4.jpg Sunroof’s data explorer found that in more than 90 percent of communities that the tool covers within 42 states nationwide, well over half the rooftops are viable for solar. (Google)

This is a guest post by Carl Elkin.

Google has always been a big believer in clean energy, and solar power has been a central part of our vision. Over the past year, Project Sunroof has been helping homeowners explore whether they should go solar – offering solar estimates for over 43 million houses across 42 states. Solar installations today are growing rapidly, but there remains tremendous untapped potential as only a half a percent of U.S. electricity comes from solar…

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The Top 5 GovLove Episodes — Engaging Local Government Leaders

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